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Over the years Arthur has been very fortunate to have been commissioned to shoot many celebrities from the world of Politics, Business, Music, Television, Sport and Hollywood A list Actors and Actresses. Some in fact will only use Arthur's photography services.

A commissioned portrait for Dawn and Lydia, pictured.
Actor -
Dawn and Lydia
Mike Carter
A commissioned portrait for Jan Leaming and her family pictured.
A commissioned portrait of Bill Nighy
A commissioned portrait of Niel and Gleny's Kinnock
Ben and family Robert and Kathy
Bill Nighy
Niel & Glenys McKinnock
A commissioned portrait of Brooke Shields
CEO of Courvoiser
The Countess of Dalkeith
Brooke Shields
CEO Cognac Exploitation

Anthony Hopkins and Bob Kingdom Posing for a portrait photo A commissioned portrait of Dudley Sutton
Moderator of the Church of Scotland
Anthony Hopkins & Bob Kingdom
Dudley Sutton
Dennis Le Corriere
A commissioned portrait of Sir Ludovic Kennedy
John Shepard
Sir Ludovic Kennedy
Motoring 30's
CEO Kenwood
David Russell
Cognac Producer
Cocina Romano
Lynn Ward

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